The Bankruptcy Filing Process

Filing for bankruptcy can be very intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. The Law Offices of Michael S. Schwartz will skillfully guide you through every step of the bankruptcy filing process.

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Bucks County Attorney - Help Filing For Bankruptcy

A crucial aspect of the bankruptcy filing process is preparation of the necessary paperwork, including a bankruptcy petition. To facilitate preparation of these documents, you will be asked to bring  important information to our first appointment, including your latest statements from creditors, proof of income and a breakdown of living expenses.

Approximately three months after filing for bankruptcy, the Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee assigned to your case will hold a meeting of your creditors, referred to as a "341" meeting, where the trustee will ask you several questions about your financial situation.

After The Creditors' Meeting

If you have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your eligible assets may be liquidated to pay secured creditors, in an order of priority determined by the trustee, according to bankruptcy law principles. It is important to note that in most Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, individuals are able to protect their assets from liquidation. Mr. Schwartz can analyze your assets and advise you as to whether or not any of your assets are in jeopardy of liquidation. Any debt with unsecured creditors, i.e., debt that isn't backed by collateral, will be discharged within four to five months of filing for bankruptcy, meaning you no longer owe the debt.

If you have filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will be required to start making payments to your mortgage company with the next payment that comes due after filing to keep your mortgage current. Additionally, within 30 days of filing, you will be required to make payments to your trustee to "cure" your mortgage, which means to pay off any accrued unpaid balance, over the course of three to five years. These payments are due even if you do not receive a statement from your creditors.

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