Stopping Creditor Harassment

Stopping Creditor Harassment

Southampton, Pennsylvania Lawyer, Ending Creditor Harassment

Are creditors and collection agencies calling you in the evenings? Do they embarrass you by calling you at work? Do they make veiled or actual threats about taking legal action against you?

If you find yourself in these situations, your finances have clearly become unmanageable. You need help to stop phone calls and harassing debt collection practices now.

The Law Offices of Michael S. Schwartz is a law firm that helps people resolve financial stress and regain their financial health. We use the bankruptcy laws to stop creditor harassment, foreclosure, repossession and garnishment. We help our clients eliminate or reduce debt and get their finances under control.

Contact us for a free consultation. Our Southampton, Pennsylvania attorney can stop creditor harassment, collection agency phone calls, foreclosure and repossession.

Our Bucks County Attorney — Offering a Personalized Debt Collection Solution for You

Bankruptcy lawyer Michael S. Schwartz will review your finances and explain your options. These include a Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment plan or a Chapter 7 filing that can completely eliminate debts such as credit card debt and medical bills. Mr. Schwartz will also explain the bankruptcy process. You will have a clear understanding of your legal options and what you can expect at each stage of your case.

Based on your decision, our firm will do everything needed to obtain maximum debt relief for you. In most cases, you can keep all of your personal property.

Creditors Can No Longer Call You

The moment we file bankruptcy for you, creditor harassment must stop. We will contact each of your creditors to inform them of your bankruptcy filing and that we are now representing you. If a creditor does call, you can refer them to us, and we will handle all dealings with that creditor.

You can focus on your real life and on regaining your financial health. You will be able to sleep more soundly, knowing that an experienced attorney is protecting your rights and interests.

Free Consultation With a Creditor Harassment Attorney Who Understands Credit Collection Laws, Serving Perkasie, Havertown and Southampton

We can help stop creditor harassment. For a free consultation to discuss finding a debt collection solution with a Bucks County lawyer at the Law Offices of Michael S. Schwartz, call 215-396-7900 or contact us online.

We have offices in Southampton, Havertown and Perkasie, Pennsylvania, to serve you.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.